"Fitness, Self Confidence and Self Motivation"-DoyBox

About Us

This is our "Pay It Forward", non-profitable venture to introduce affordable "old school" one-on-one boxing training to kids of all ages. Fitness, core balance, self confidence, self belief and RESPECT are what we teach the kids, in the battle against bullying in the community.


Are you ready to be fitter, mentally and physically tougher, and super confident? Our "back to basic" boxing and fitness training are designed to help young kids,teenagers, parents and people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to achieve these goals. We believe in individual and personalised training sessions, as everyone is unique and special.

If you are ready for a change: email us on DoyBox@gmail.com or contact us on +61 417618358

Our Program

Big Brother Doy, Mike Raso, have been training professional and amatuer athletes for over 30 years, and have worked with "Pro's" likes of Billy Dib, Solomon Haumono, Justin Hodges, GI and other athletes.

Mike leads the "Doy Team" of fun, experienced and dedicated professional trainers, ready and waiting to train you..

Come and visit us , and unleash the inner boxer in you !!!